Ensemble Interface @ SIRGA FESTIVAL

Just been informed that my piece Don’t condescend (Don’t even disagree) (2014), for five players, will be performed by members of the Ensemble Interface during the SIRGA FESTIVAL on July the 17th at the Music Conservatory of Tortosa, Catalonia, and on July the 18th at Flix.


So excited!


SIRGA FESTIVAL — Músiques de recerca i patrimoni.

I have been just selected as one of the composition students—with my piece Don’t condescend (Don’t even disagree) (2014), for five players— for the Pierluigi Billone’s masterclasses and workshop during the SIRGA FESTIVAL, that will take place in Flix, Tortosa (Catalonia) early July, 2014.

Looking forward!

The New Music Conflagration New Dates.

As I have been told, the concert by TNMC including my piece Jazz, and so, what? Histrionic Jazzy Phantasy (2011), that was first set up on June the 8th, has been postponed until January 2015.

The main causes are that a lot of composers and pieces were selected for the 2013-2014 TNMC New Music Concert Series and it was impossible to program them all.

Looking forward to have news from the guys of TNMC! See you in 2015!

Dawn at Ben Atar St. (2013) —recording—.

There you go with a new recording of my piece Dawn at Ben Atar St., for Solo Vibraphone (2013). Can only say thanks to Kike Labián Camino for such a great work he has made and for this opportunity that he gave me a few months ago. Congratulations!

This recording comes from Kike’s recital last Thursday, April the 3rd, 2014, at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicaciones of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Hope you enjoy it!

Kike Labián Camino in recital: extra information

There you go with all the details for the concert that will take place on Thursday, April the 3rd, at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Kike Labián Camino will be playing my piece Dawn at Ben Atar St. (2013), for Solo Vibraphone, among many others.

Remember: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicaciones, Conference Hall, Building C, 19.30h.

Everybody’s invited!



Kike Labián Camino in recital


Next Thursday, April the 3rd, 2014, spanish percussionist Kike Labián Camino is performing my piece Dawn at Ben Atar St. (2013), for solo vibraphone —which I composed for him— in a recital at the Superior Technic School of Telecommunication Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Building C, Conference Hall, at 19:30h) among pieces by Pablo Labián Camino, Kazunori Miyake, Éric Sammut, Evelyn Glennie, Chris Hanning and Eckhard Kopetzki.

Entrance is free, so everybody is invited!

The New Music Conflagration Concert Dates

I can already announce that my piece Jazz, and so, what? Histrionic Jazzy Phantasy (2011) is being performed by The New Music Conflagration on a concert at the St. Petersburg Main Library, in St. Petersburg, Florida (USA), on Sunday, June the 8th, 2014 from 14:30 to 16:00 (EDT).

The concert program is the following:

In Green Water – Whitney George
Jazz, and so, what? Histrionic Jazzy Phantasy – Diego Jiménez Tamame
Sparrows Jump Nine Sandpipers – Andrew Sigler
From Sombre Lands – Peter Dayton
Five Songs – Robert Fleisher

The New Music Conflagration, Inc.

Founded in July 2013, The New Music Conflagration, Inc. is committed to making quality performances of contemporary chamber and solo music accessible to the general public. Regular concerts of new music works occur at the Saint Petersburg Main Library in St. Petersburg, Florida and other venues including art galleries across the Tampa Bay Area.


Broken, for Solo Viola

Broken, for Solo Viola

Next Sunday, March the 9th, 2014, the violinist and violist Cecilia Bercovich will premiere my piece Broken (2014), for solo viola, which I wrote for her, during a recital at the Bentley Hall in Banff ( Alberta), Canada.

She will also be performing for the first time the piece Free Movement II (2014), for solo violin, by spanish composer and good friend of mine, Pablo Labián Camino, and the piece #4 (2014), for viola and tape, by Óscar Escudero.

I can only thank her again for her magnificent work and for giving this amazing opportunity to me and to my colleagues ! Can’t wait to listen to the performance!

The New Music Conflagration 2014 New Music Concert Series

You can now check out my bio profile at The New Music Conflagration‘s web site, as one of the selected composers for the 2014 New Music Concert Series, with my piece Jazz, and so, what? Histrionic Jazzy Phantasy (2011)!


The New Music Conflagration

Contemporary Encounters II

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve been selected for the Contemporary Encounters II Course with Mr. Ivan Fedele and the Meitar Ensemble guys!

I can’t wait to get back in Tel Aviv and start working with this awesome musicians!



Trio de Magia (TdM) Call for Scores 2013

My piece Expansive movements (2013) has been selected for the Reading Panel of the VIII International Academy Trio de Magia, that will take place in Cullera, Valencia, next December (6th-8th).

Trio de Magia Call for Scores

Selected composers

PluralEnsemble Tour Dates

We already have dates for the concerts of the PluralEnsemble Tour where my piece About blood pulse and misty minds (2013) will be played, among music of composers like Gabriel Erkoreka, Luis de Pablo, Alberto Carretero, Georgina Derbez and Marcela Rodríguez:

— November the 11th, Concert Hall of Zaragoza. 19.30h. Free Access.

— December the 1st, Santa Clara Space of Sevilla. 20.30h. Free Access.

You are all welcome!




PluralEnsemble 2013-2014 Tour

My piece About blood pulse and misty minds has been selected for the PluralEnsemble 2013-2014 tour as a winner for the Plural Ensemble Young Composers Call for Scores 2013.

PluralEnsemble Website Homepage
PluralEnsemble Website Homepage