Solo + Vocal Music



Rückstoß / Rückschlag  (12′)

for Manuel Alcaraz Clemente

for a solo String instrumentalist / Percussionist with a bowed Springdrum.


Hologram (3′)

for Ensemble Manufaktur für Aktuelle Musik

Miniature for Bass Flute with or without amplification through Surface Speakers.


Broken_[b] (variable duration)

for Violin.


Reflections on the meaninglessness of sound (≈7′)

for Maciej Frąckiewicz

for Accordion (Bayan)

Broken (variable duration)

for Cecilia Bercovich.

for Viola.

Summer Loops (7,5’)

I. [Low-fi voices in my head]

II. [Electric feedback echoes]

for Electric Guitar, e-bow and Boss ME-70 Multi-effect pedal switch.


Klavierstück nr. 1 (4′)

for Piano.

Dawn at Ben Atar St. (8’55”)

for Kike Labián Camino.

for Vibraphone.


Schizzi di Furia (Fury Sketches) (7’40”)

for Diego García-Pliego García-Muñoz.

for Alto Saxophone.



No meaning (at all) (≈3’40”)

for two spoken/sprechgesang voices.

Noche Oscura, Part II. On a text by San Juan de la Cruz (4′)

for OCAZ Enigma

for Reciter, Fl. (Picc.), Ob., Cl. in Bb (B. Cl. in Bb), F. Hn. in F, Pno., Vl., Vla., Vc., Cb.