Chamber Music


Interstices (≈18′)

for Quatuor TANA

for String Quartet (2Vl., Vla., Vc.)

Wiener U-Bahn. Straßenmusik. (variable duration)

for any combination of instruments.

…and they’ve got us in their cage, ruined of grace and senses… (≈12′)

for Ensemble BCN216

for Bass Clarinet and Violoncello.


Vértigo (≈6′)

for Ensemble Multilatérale

for B. Fl., B. Cl., Hrp., Vl. and Vc.


Only then I felt the ice (5’30”)

for the Ensemble Multilatérale

for Flute (Picc.), Tenor Saxophone, Violin and Violoncello.


Ecstasy through mayhem (15’)

for String Quartet (2Vl., Vla., Vc.)


Don’t condescend [don’t even disagree] (4’30”)

for Meitar Ensemble.

for Fl., B. Cl. in Bb, Pno., Vl. and Vc.


Expansive Movements (8’40”)

for Soprano Saxophone in Bb, Percussion, and Piano.

Intuitive Drummin’ Studies Nr. 1 (2′)

for Bongos, Temple Blocks and Congas.

About blood pulse and misty minds (10’30”)

In Memoriam Jonathan Harvey; dedicated to Jesús Rueda.

for Fl. (Picc.), Cl. in Bb (B. Cl. in Bb), Pno., Vl., Vla. and Vc.