Press review — Vaporwave, deadly lasers and crab raves

Review of María Domínguez’s premiere of “Vaporwave, deadly lasers and crab raves”, for MIDI Keytar and live electronics at the Xornadas de Música Contemporánea de Santiago de Compostela. Published by Scherzo and written by Paco Yáñez.

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA / Nuevos horizontes para el piano

Press review — L.H.O.H.Q.

Review of Ensemble Pulso’s premiere of “L.H.O.H.Q.”, for quartet with live electronics and live video at RESIS Festival. Published by Mundo Clásico and written by Paco Yañez.

Broadcast of “Thin film interference” on Ö1 Zeit-Ton Sendereihe

Radio Broadcast of the live recording of my piece “Thin film interference” by Ensemble Schallfeld. 20/10/20, Theater Im Palais Graz.

Interview and broadcast on Radio Helsinki Graz

Lorenzo Derinni asked me some questions about my piece “Thin film interference”, for 9 musicians and live electronics, after the premiere by Ensemble Schallfeld on 20/10/20, in Theater Im Palais Graz.

Select the podcast “thin”

Interview on ORF Ö1 Zeit-Ton

Marie-Therese Rudolph interviewed me as one of the finalists of the Ö1 Talentebörse Composition Competition 2020.

Interview and broadcast on Radio Helsinki Graz

I talk with Lorenzo Derinni about my participation in the IMPULS project Text Im Klang #3, back when I wrote “…in jeder Hinsicht indirekt…”, on a text by Alexander Kluge, for Ensemble Schallfeld. Select the podcast “Bridging the Gaps: Music between Composing and Improvisation, Text and Sound [20-21 Uhr] Radio Schallfeld #4

Impact / Tremors / Shifting included in IRCAM’s Mediatheque

You can listen to a short excerpt of the piece following this link:

Radio broadcast of Impact / Tremors / Shifting

My piece Impact / Tremors / Shifting (2017-18), written for l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, was premiered at Centquatre Paris during the final concert of the Orchestral Reading Workshop of Ircam’s ManiFeste 2018, under the baton of Peter Rundel.

Now you can listen to it on the podcast Le Concert du Soir, in the website of Radio France:

Radio broadcast of Vértigo

— My piece Vértigo, recorder by the Ensemble Multilatérale, was a small part of the Spanish Radio show Música Viva, in its program devoted to the 2018 edition of IRCAM’s ManiFeste —where I took part as one of the composers of the Orchestra workshop with Franck Bedrossian, Peter Rundel and L’Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France/Ulysses Ensemble with my piece IMPACT / TREMORS / SHIFTING.

You can listen to the program (in Spanish) following this link:

Review of the austrian premiere of …in jeder Hinsicht indirekt…, by Ensemble Schallfeld

— Robert Tendl for Kleine Zeitung (Graz, Austria)

Review of the austrian premiere of Trilogue

—Eveline Koberg for

Université D’Altitude 2016 — Interview

—Interview for the Ensemble Multilatérale YouTube Channel and media feed(s) by Hugo Warinsky.

MATA Festival 2016

The New York Times. Anthony Tommasini’s review on Ensemble neonN’s concert on April the 12th.

…The young Spanish composer Diego Jiménez Tamame packs a lot of dense, restless music into his five-minute “Don’t Condescend [Don’t Even Disagree].” It unfolds with violent shifts and gnashing chords as motifs and cells of pitches interact and recombine…


New York Classical Review. George Grella’s review on Ensemble neoN’s concert on April the 12th.

…Don’t condescend sounds like a dense burst of white noise, disassembled, with the parts all heading back to coalesce at a central point. The well-executed writing is full of power and gnarled timbres…


— The New Yorker listing of the concert by Ensemble neoN at Scandinavia House, NYC, on April the 12th 2016.


— George Grella and Du Yun talk about 2016’s MATA Festival on BK Rail Tracks

SIRGA Festival 2014

Review of the concert on July the 18th at Flix’s Church. Sonograma Magazine, Aína Vega Rofes.

Diego Jiménez Tamame, per la seva banda, presenta una proposta en què la música entra en combat amb si mateixa per transcendir l’encotillament dels esquemes rítmics, fortament marcats, a Don’t condescend (don’t even disagree).

Concert review @ Sonograma Magazine

PluralEnsemble Tour Coverage

Diario de Sevilla 12/01/2013 Concert Review


(link to printed edition)

Sul Ponticello Magazine


National Center for Documentation of Music and Dance (CDMYD) of Spain

— Inclusion of my list of premieres in the database of the National Center for Documentation of Music and Dance.

Click here and type my full name (Diego Jiménez Tamame) in the browser that appears in the bottom of the page. You will find a list of my recent premieres and some interesting details of them.

Dawn at Ben Atar St. for Solo Vibraphone Premiere Coverage

— “Diario Bahía de Cádiz” concert review