Electronic Music


Vaporwave, deadly lasers and crab raves (7′)

for María Domínguez

Alesis Vortex Wireless2 MIDI Keytar + Ableton Live 11 + Max MSP

Funded by SKE Kompositionsförderung


L.H.O.H.Q. (7′)

for Ensemble Pulso

AKAI EWI + Tenor Saxophone, Novation Launchpad S, MIDI Keyboard, Violin, Live electronics and Live Video (Max/MSP + Ableton Live 11)

Commissioned by Festival RESIS


Schwarzer Zittern (12′)

for Ursula Graber

Fixed media

Kaleidoskopische trance (variable duration)

Live electronics, generative Max/MSP patch.

Trilogue (10′)

Collaborative project (live electronics [Myo Armband, Max/MSP, Ableton Live], live video and dance).

Invisible Drives #4 Project, Kunstuniversität Graz.

Frankenstein oder Der moderne Prometheus — Elektronische Stücke

  1. Der Kopf (4′)

Fixed media.


Hologram (3′)

for Ensemble Manufaktur für Aktuelle Musik

Miniature for Bass Flute with or without amplification through Surface Speakers.

…you took my breath away… (≈7′)

for Barcelona Modern Project

for Flute and live electronics (Myo armband controller, Max/MSP and Ableton Live 9)


MACRO I — with David GonHer (≈6’40”)

for video, electric guitar and electronics (Boss ME-70 Multi-effect pedal switch, Novation Launchpad S for Ableton Live)

Augenblick nr. 26 (2’40”)

Music for a short film by Telemach Wiesinger.

for electronics (Ableton Live + Max for Live)


Spasmodic War Lament [Syrian Machine Gun] (4’)

for Amp. Bassoon, Amp. Contrabassoon, Amp. Double Bass and Keyboard (live electronics controller)

Chiamate da l’abisso (Calls from the Abyss) (7’)

for Viola and Tape