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[Chamber Music]

[to be enveloped by] BLACK (2018-19), for Ensemble

Ensemble Multilatérale

Instrumentation: Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Piano, Violoncello and Double Bass

a drop of honey (2018), for Ensemble

Ensemble für Neue Musik Kunstuniverstität Graz

Edo Micic: Conductor

Instrumentation: Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn in F, Trumpet in Bb, Trombone, Percussion, Piano, Electric Bass Guitar, 2 Violins, Viola and Violoncello.

…in jeder Hinsicht indirekt… (2017-18), for Ensemble and live electronics

Ensemble Schallfeld

Instrumentation: Baritone Saxophone, Percussion, Piano, Double Bass, Live electronics (5th performer)

...and they’ve got us in their cage, ruined of grace and senses… (2016-17), for duo

Teresa Doblinger: Bass Clarinet
Lucía Pérez Diego: Violoncello

Vértigo (2016), for Ensemble

Ensemble Multilatérale

Instrumentation: Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Harp, Violin and Violoncello

Only then I felt the Ice (2015), for Ensemble

Ensemble Multilatérale

Instrumentation: Flute (Piccolo), Tenor Saxophone, Violin and Violoncello.

Ecstasy through mayhem  (2014-2015), for String quartet

Don’t condescend [Don’t even disagree] (2014), for Ensemble

Ensemble of the Academy for the New Music CSMA

Diego Jiménez Tamame: Conductor

[Orchestral Music]

IMPACT/TREMORS/SHIFTING (2017-18), for Symphony orchestra

Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France + Ulysses Ensemble

Peter Rundel: Conductor

End of the Road (2015), for Symphony Orchestra

CSMA Symphony Orchestra

Juan Luis Martínez: Conductor

[Solo Music]

RÜCKSTOSS/RÜCKSCHLAG (2019), for solo Spring drum

Spring drum: Manuel Alcaraz Clemente (Ensemble Schallfeld)

ROTMOS (2014/rev. 2017), for Accordion

Accordion: María Mogas Gensana

Hologram (2016), for amplified Bass Flute

Bass Flute: Gregor Schulenburg (Manufaktur für Aktuelle Musik)

…you took my breath away…  (2015-2016), for Flute and live electronics

Flute / Myo Armband: Joan Pons (Barcelona Modern Project Ensemble)

MACRO I — with David GonHer (2015), for Electric Guitar, Video and Electronics

Electric Guitar: Diego Jiménez Tamame

Broken (2014), for Viola

Viola: Cecilia Bercovich


[Electronic Music]

Jack Étude — Breve Omaggio a Fausto Romitelli (2019)

Schwarzer Zittern — für Ursula Graber (2017)

Frankenstein oder der Moderne Prometeus (2017)

Sonic Bodies (2017)