[to be enveloped by] BLACK — Talking to Aldo Tambellini


[to be enveloped by] BLACK (2018-19)

Five short pieces on poems and paintings by Aldo Tambellini

1. to BLⒶCK from BLⒶCK (2′)
2. BLⒶCK energy burns with fire (2′)
3. the coming to be, resonating in the echo (2′)
4. from the invisible made visible (2′)
5. perforated on a BLⒶCK slate sky (2′)

Collaboration with Radio France, “Création Mondiale” Program.

Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Percussion [Floor Tom, 2 Toms, Ride Cymbal, Chinese Cymbal, Tam-Tam, Thunder Sheet], Piano, Violoncello and Contrabass.

Broadcasted on “Création Mondiale”, with Anne Montaron, on Radio France, from 27/05/19 to 01/06/19




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