Don’t condescend [Don’t even disagree]

Here you go with a new recording of my pieces Don’t condescend [Don’t even disagree] (2014).

It was performed in two concerts during the SIRGA Festival — Musiques de recerca y patrimoni, that took place on Flix, Tortosa, Ascó and Barcelona between July the 7th and 20th. This recording is from a concert on July the 17th at the Conservatory of Music of Tortosa.

The Ensemble Interface performed music by Tristan Murail (Treize colours du soleil couchant), Silvia Pepe, Lorenzo Restagno, María Misael Gauchat and myself.

Ensemble Interface

Flute: Bettina Berger
Bass Clarinet in Bb: Richard Haynes
Piano: Anna D’errico
Violin: Corinna Canzian
Violoncello: Christoph Mathias


Hope you enjoy it!

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