…in jeder Hinsicht indirekt…


…in jeder Hinsicht indirekt… (2017-18), auf einem Text von Alexander Kluge (“Die Sehnsucht der Zellen”), für Bariton Saxophon, Schlagwerk, Klavier, Kontrabass un Live Electronics (Xbox 360 Controller + Max/MSP).

IMPULS Kompositionsauftrag, Text im Klang #3 Projekt, 2018.
Uraufführung: 1 Juni 2018, Großer Minoritensaal, Graz, Österreich.

Ensemble Schallfeld

Saxophon: Matej Bunderla
Klavier: Maria Flavia Cerrato
Schlagwerk: Manuel Alcaraz Clemente
Kontrabass: Juan Pablo Trad Hasbun
Elektronik: Davide Gagliardi.

The core of this piece is constituted by the projection of prerecorded samples through surface speakers attached to the instruments of the ensemble. The audio signal continuously migrates from one point of the stage to another in linear movements, crossfading between different resonant bodies and being filtered and transformed by their specific acoustic properties. The resulting sound layers, which emerge from blurred and indirect sources, aim to evoke the memory of sounds produced in different spaces, in past an irrecoverable timelines that somehow still hold a causal correlation with the current moment.

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